Education – NaperLaunch Academy

The NaperLaunch Academy is administered by NaperLaunch, a business startup services center located at the Naperville Public Library. The Academy’s mission is to “educate, coach and motivate” new entrepreneurs through the startup process.

NaperLaunch’s Purpose is to Foster Business Success!

 The Feed the Seed Foundation supports the NaperLaunch Academy by providing instructors and coaches, who assist in the instruction and coaching of startup founders and business owners. The Feed the Seed Foundation also intends to help attract new startup founders into NaperLaunch and the NaperLaunch Academy.

NaperLaunch supports the mission of the Feed the Seed Foundation through the NaperLaunch Academy by:

  1. Inviting prospective entrepreneur hopefuls into the NaperLaunch Academy.
  2. Instructing new founders and business owners and assessing their learning of basic entrepreneurial skills and behaviors.
  3. Coaching new entrepreneurs toward meeting minimum requirements of organizing, planning and growing a business, following accepted processes and techniques.
  4. Nominating potential businesses worthy of investment, based on performance in the NaperLaunch Academy curriculum.
  5. Confirming the capability of a new business enterprise as evidenced by a NaperLaunch Academy certificate of completion.

Interested persons may find more information about NaperLaunch and the Academy on the NaperLaunch website,




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