Besides a funding grant, one of the greatest advantages to be gained through Feed the Seed Foundation is the mentoring that is available to the startup founder or business owner.

We commit to provide guidance as a true business coach in a formal, structured approach. Our mentors are experienced business leaders and entrepreneurs who can help a founder focus on specific goals, prioritizing them and choosing the right path to achieve those goals. In this way we help clarify your growth vision.

Our coaches are engaged in providing instruction at the NaperLaunch Academy so that they are in the “classroom” with you as you learn the startup process. They will observe each founder as skills and practices are introduced and thereby put themselves in a position to support decision making based on the learning outcomes.

We will challenge the status quo and help you formulate a plan or strategy and identify steps required to achieve the desired results.

To benefit from this mentoring, it is critical that you clearly identify your priorities and needs. With the right focused mentoring, your venture can become more productive, profitable and competitive.

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